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Learning about Extra Power with Maytag® - Laundry Product Training

Join one of our Sr. Sales Trainers for a product walkthrough of the MHW8630HC and the MED8630HC — highlighting Extra Power, its capability to help fight tough stains, and extended Tumbling for…

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Why choose the Maytag® MVW7230HC with The Fixit Bros.

The Fixit Brothers are finishing their episode of a laundry room remodel, and discuss why they chose the Maytag® MVW7230HC and ME/GD7230HX instead of the competition.

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Factory Commercial 30 Seconds - Maytag Brand

Like bolts and gaskets, dependability and power are built into every Maytag appliance by hard-working factory workers.

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Maytag Man Range Commercial Rain or Shine - Maytag Brand

The Maytag Man knows you can't always depend on the weather, but you can always depend on Maytag.

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Maytag Man Commercial - Dog Dishes - Maytag Brand

That Maytag Man demonstrates the difference between a Maytag Dishwasher and the Family Dog.

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Maytag Man Commercial - Turkey Popper - Maytag Brand

The Maytag Man is cooking with dependability.

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Maytag Man Commercial Pot Scrubbing - Maytag Brand

The Maytag Man - Pot Scrubbing.

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Maytag Man Commercial Dishwasher Cake - Maytag Brand

The Maytag Man eats a cake.

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Manufacturing - Maytag Finley - Whirlpool Contract - Maytag Brand

In Finley Ohio they make new dependable Maytag Dishwashers, every day. Built with pride because they know what's inside matters.

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