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Learning about the Maytag® MDB4949SK - Dish Product Training

Join one of our Sr. Sales Trainers for a product walk through of the MDB4949SK — highlighting Dual Power Filtration, Increased loading height in the upper rack, and the 10-year limited parts…

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How Dual Power Filtration Works - Maytag® Dishwashers

How the Dual Power Filtration feature in Maytag® Dishwashers work, and why it's so dependable.

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Dual Power Filtration vs. A Whole Meal - Maytag® Dishwashers

What happens when a Maytag® Dishwasher with Dual Power Filtration takes on a whole meal?

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Testing the Maytag® 30 & 36-Inch Electric Cooktop with Reversible Grill and Griddle

Maytag engineers run many tests on the 36-Inch Electric Cooktop with Reversible Grill and Griddle to make sure you're food sizzles.

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This new world-class testing center, right here in Benton Harbor, Michigan, is unequalled in the appliance industry. Take a personal visit to see how Maytag® brand refrigerators are tested for…

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Free Standing Range Bake Element - Whirlpool Brand

Learn how the design of the range elements can effect your cooking.

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Refrigeration Life Testing - Maytag Brand

Join us while we show you how our Maytag Refrigerators are life tested.

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Simon and the Robots - Maytag Refrigeration

See the Maytag Refrigerator put to the test by Simon and the test robots.

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Element Durability - Maytag Cooking

Range issues are found and fixed through months of periodic cycle and cooktop use under accelerated and extreme usage conditions.

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Control Board Reliability - Maytag Cooking

In a temperature and humidity-varying chamber, control board buttons are pressed to simulate and test unit life under varying conditions.

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Handle Strength - Maytag Cooking

To ensure safe transport of the range, 100 lbs of upward force tests the durability of the handle under normal and misuse conditions.

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How to Use a Dryer Vent Test Kit on a Top Mounted Lint Screen Dryer

How To

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