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Learning about the Whirlpool® 4-Door Refrigerator - WRQA59CNK Product Training

Join one of our Sr. Sales Trainers for a product walk through of the WRQA59CNK — highlighting the Flexible Organization and Flexible Cooling Options of this refrigerator.

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Deep Dive Into the KitchenAid® FreeFlex™ Third Rack Dishwashers

A deeper look into the 607-804 models of the KitchenAid® FreeFlex™ Third Rack Dishwashers.

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Space-Saving Pedestals - Whirlpool® Front Load Laundry

Store your laundry supplies in space-saving pedestals.

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Third Level Rack on select Maytag® Dishwashers

Get 30% more loading space with the 3rd Level Rack.* Remove and rotate the integrated Lift & Set Adjustable Tray for increased third-level space for small bowls or lids. *Compared to Maytag®…

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Frozen Pizza Storage - Maytag® Side by Side Refrigeration

Frozen pizza storage stores two frozen pizza boxes upright and out of the way, so quick meals are an easy grab. Fold down the adjustable side for extra shelf space when you need it.

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Whirlpool Low Profile MHC

Maximize space by moving your microwave off the countertop with a low profile design that fits in the same space as your undercabinet hood. Learn about this new cooking category from Whirlpool…

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Designing the Sunset Bronze Finish for Whirlpool Brand

With a brushed, satin finish and rose gold undertones, fingerprint resistant sunset bronze brings a subtle warmth to any kitchen style. Learn more about this finishe from Whirlpool designer Jessica…

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EveryDrop Water Dispenser Introduction

Introducing the EveryDrop Water Dispenser. Learn about EveryDrop's newest innovation for water filtration in this quick intro video. No bottles, No Pitchers, Just filtered water.

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KitchenAid Dishwasher Features

Learn about features that focus on details such as Bottle Wash, the Third Level Rack and Fan Enabled ProDry™ System that are located on select KitchenAid Dishwashers.

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Cold Space Appliance Science - Whirlpool Refrigeration

Families can keep milk and other drinks extra cool with Cold Space, a specially designed lower compartment in the door-within-door where the refrigerator feeds the coldest air. Learn about this…

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Third Level Rack - Whirlpool Dishwashers - Alt

Take advantage of 37% more rack space to load more dishes and get extra room for hard to fit items.* *Compared to Whirlpool® dishwashers without a third level rack."

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Slide Away Shelf - Feature & Benefit - KitchenAid Counter Depth Refrigeration

Take a look at the new Slide Away Shelf. This makes it easier to store tall glass items or wide items with this Counter Depth Refirgerator.

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Under Shelf Prep Zone - Feature & Beneift - KitchenAid Counterdepth Refrigeration

This versitle refrigerator turns usually unused space into a prep zone, perfect for chilling desserts, dough, and marinating meats.

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Counter Depth Selling Insights - Selling Skills - KitchenAid Counter Depth Refrigerator

Our KitchenAid sales training manager is going to take you through some great insights and qualifying questions you can be asking your customers as they walk into your store to find the KitchenAid…

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What Builders Should Know about Design

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Storage Challenge Feature & Benefit - Whirlpool Refrigeration

See what types and how many items this Whirlpool Refrigerator can hold with its diverse storage options.

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