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Learning about the Maytag® MDB4949SK - Dish Product Training

Join one of our Sr. Sales Trainers for a product walk through of the MDB4949SK — highlighting Dual Power Filtration, Increased loading height in the upper rack, and the 10-year limited parts…

From  Sarah Hernandez 391 plays

How Dual Power Filtration Works - Maytag® Dishwashers

How the Dual Power Filtration feature in Maytag® Dishwashers work, and why it's so dependable.

From  Sarah Hernandez 1,813 plays

Dual Power Filtration vs. A Whole Meal - Maytag® Dishwashers

What happens when a Maytag® Dishwasher with Dual Power Filtration takes on a whole meal?

From  Sarah Hernandez 5,807 plays

Staging Your Refrigerator - KitchenAid Refrigeration

Showcase the platinum interior of your KitchenAid Refrigerator

From  Sarah Hernandez 131 plays

Showcasing Herb Storage on Your Sales Floor - KitchenAid Brand

Demonstrating the Herb Box in your KitchenAid 5 door Refrigerator

From  Sarah Hernandez 286 plays

Demonstrating the performance of the Even-Heat Torch Burner

Animation showing the functionality of the Even Heat Torch Burner

From  Sarah Hernandez 321 plays

Show your customer the benefits of a perimeter bake element design

Show the shape of bake element right on the sales floor. You can use this demo as a way to explain to your customers how the shape of the bake element can enhance baking performance.

From  Sarah Hernandez 235 plays

Demonstrate the range controls right on the sales floor with a range cord kit.

Learn how to put ranges on the floor in demo mode to show full control functionality which will help make your customers more comfortable with using the product before they leave the sales floor.

From  Sarah Hernandez 148 plays

Showcase the Whirlpool range melt element right on the sales floor!

Demo melt element with food on the sales floor to show your customer how this element works and help them spark ideas of how they can use this in their home

From  Sarah Hernandez 1,928 plays

Demonstrating how to put a Maytag Refrigerator in Showroom Mode

How to place a Maytag Refrigerator in Showroom Mode

From  Hemingera 2,400 plays

Demonstrating the containment of spills with MicroEdge technology

Demo MicroEdge Shelves with liquid on the floor

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Showing customers exactly what 10lbs of ice looks like

Show how much ice can be stored with new Dual icemakers

From  Hemingera 200 plays

Demonstrating a hands free dispensing system with measured fill.

Demo measured the measured fill function

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Demonstrating the ease of opening a crisper drawer with the new bottom mounted crisper design

Show customers the benefits of the triple crisper system with bottom mounted crispers

From  Hemingera 215 plays

Demonstrating how the drawers in the 5 door close on their own with just a slight touch

Show customers how easy it is to close the refrigerator drawers on the Whirlpool 5 door refrigerator

From  Hemingera 106 plays

Maytag Commercial Testing Demo - Laundry

See how we test our Maytag Laundry components to twice the life.

From  Sarah Hernandez 312 plays