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Sales Insider: Whirlpool Laundry 2021 + Dryer Attachment

Let's deep dive into the industry-first 2 in 1 Removable Agitator and other Whirlpool Laundry features for 2021.

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How to Sell the Whirlpool® 2 in 1

Your shopper can customize any load they want with the industry-first 2 in 1 Removable Agitator. On the floor pitch the product and close the sale with these insights and selling techniques.

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Introducing the WDT750SAK & WDTA50SAK from Whirlpool®

Load more and run less with a 3rd rack that makes extra rack space for hard-to-fit items.* You’ll have fewer leftover dishes in the sink with space for long utensils and measuring cups above,…

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Learning about the Whirlpool® WDT750SAK - Dish Product Training

Join one of our Sr. Sales Trainers for a product walk through of the WDT750SAK — highlighting the Third Level Rack, Adjustable Upper Rack, and Vent Dry.

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Introducing the WDTA80SAK from Whirlpool®

"Load more and run less with our largest capacity 3rd rack that fits mugs and bowls.* You’ll be able to fit all the dishes your family piles up with additional features below that adjust…

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Demonstrating the Organizational Capabilities of Whirlpool® Dishwashers

Using props and utensils will help show your shoppers the organizational capabilities of Whirlpool® Dishwashers. Learn how to demonstrate the loading capabilities with one of our trainers.

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Selling the Whirlpool Connected Suite

Use these techniques and selling skills to help close the sale with the Whirlpool Smart Appliance suite.

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The Powerful Capacity Story - Feature Benefit - Maytag Top Load Laundry

Check out how this Maytag top load washer has the largest capacity in its class at 4.7 cu ft and how that translates to amount of clothes for customers on the sales floor.

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Selling Skills - Whirlpool Top Load Laundry

Use these qualifying questions to help you sell a Whirlpool Top Load pair.

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Qualifying a Customer - KitchenAid Built In Oven's

Learn about the benefits of KitchenAid built in ovens.

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Maytag Refrigeration Q&A - Advantage Live - Maytag Brand

Your colleagues ask questions . . . and get answers . . . in this informative segment! One of the Advantage Live program segments that your peers what to see, so check it out!

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Freestanding Ranges Q&A - Advantage Live - Whirlpool Brand

Find out what your peers are asking about Whirlpool® ranges . . . and what the answers are!

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Troubleshooting: Hollow/Small Ice Cubes

This video details some common troubleshooting tips if your refrigerator ice maker is producing hollow or small ice cubes.

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