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Roast Chicken Showdown with the Yummly® Smart Thermometer

An Intuitive Chef and a "SMART" Chef go head to head to cook a traditional meal — one using intuition to cook and the other using the Yummly ® Smart Thermometer for precise…

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Professional Chef cooks Salmon with the Yummly® Smart Thermometer

Join Chef Alia and Suyoon for a fun, full cooking demo showcasing the Yummly®️ Smart Thermometer. Get the results you want, every time, with the wireless Yummly®️ Smart Thermometer. Preset…

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Connect with ease — Yummly® Smart Thermometer

View how easy the connection process in this phone simulation.

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Connected Cooking with the Yummly® Smart Thermometer

Get the results you want, every time, with the wireless Yummly®️ Smart Thermometer. Take a look at this product overview to learn about the connection process and what's included with this…

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Induction Cooking: How it Works

A thorough overview of the science of induction cooking.

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Induction Cooking: Recommended Cookware

A thorough overview of recommended cookware and proper use of cookware for induction cooktops.

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Induction Cooking: Common Sounds and Maintenance

A thorough overview of common sounds and maintenance of induction cooktops.

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Induction Cooking 101 - A Guide to Induction Cooking

A thorough overview of induction cooking and what your shopper needs to know including the science of induction, recommended cookware, proper use of cookware, common sounds, and maintenance.

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Demonstrating the Flexible Organization of the Whirlpool® Counter-Depth 4-Door Refrigerator

Easily store and find everything you need and keep everyday items in sight and help prevent small containers from getting forgotten in the back with this counter depth refrigerator’s easy-reach…

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Connected Features in Premium TL Laundry - Whirlpool® and Maytag® Laundry

The future of connected laundry is here today, with the new premium top load laundry line up.

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Whirlpool® Smart Appliance App

Stay in control and care from anywhere when you connect your Whirlpool® Smart Appliances with the Whirlpool® App. Get real-time updates, preheat the oven for dinner, download the right cycle…

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Whirlpool Low Profile MHC

Maximize space by moving your microwave off the countertop with a low profile design that fits in the same space as your undercabinet hood. Learn about this new cooking category from Whirlpool…

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Low Profile MHC Design - Whirlpool Brand

Find a better fit for your kitchen space. With a low profile design, this microwave hood is small enough to fit in the same space as your undercabinet hood, yet large enough to fit tall glasses, wide…

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Touch Screen Design - Whirlpool Cooking

Get instant access to the settings you use most with an intuitive touchscreen that learns, adapts and suggests customized presets based on your family's routines. Learn about the touchscreen…

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KitchenAid Black Stainless Evolution

Learn about the evolution of the KitchenAid Black Stainless look from Merchandising Manager Brandon Walsh.

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Evolution of Design - Whirlpool 2017 Handle Design

Learn how designers came up with the new handle design on Whirlpool Brand products and how it integrates with previous designs.

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