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Leak Detect for Dependability - Maytag® Dishwashers

The Leak Detect system is a combination of multiple features that measure and monitor the flow of water at various points. If a problem is sensed, the unit can take action by draining the tub and…

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Value Packed HE washer at $499 MSRP - Advantage Live - Whirlpool Brand

At the all important $ 499 MSRP price-point, where 22% of laundry units are sold, the WTW4815EW creates the perfect opening model in the Whirlpool® Brand line up. Of particular interest for the…

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Top Load Laundry One Minute Sales Pitch - Advantage Live - Whirlpool Brand

When you only have a minute with a customer, here’s a suggestion from Whirlpool® laundry specialist Shawn Ashby on how to summarize the key selling points on the Whirlpool® laundry…

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MHC AccuPOP cycle - Whirlpool Cooking

The AccuPop™ cycle automatically adapts cooking time using a sound sensor to help make the perfect popcorn, no matter what size bag you're popping.

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Sensor Cycle - Whirlpool Dishwasher

Get more sparkle. Sensor Cycle cleans 35% better, using just the right amount of time, energy and water. Dual sensors measure temperature, soil level and load size to select the perfect wash and dry…

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