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Frozen Pizza Storage - Maytag® Side by Side Refrigeration

Frozen pizza storage stores two frozen pizza boxes upright and out of the way, so quick meals are an easy grab. Fold down the adjustable side for extra shelf space when you need it.

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Soft Freeze Bin - Maytag® Side by Side Refrigerators

Keep ice cream soft enough to scoop with the soft freeze bin. The soft freeze bin is a specially designed zone that controls the way foods freeze, so foods like ice cream are soft enough to scoop.

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WHAT A GREAT SIDE-BY-SIDE MODEL - Advantage Live - Maytag Brand

This segment covers some great information to use with your customers in your own showroom to describe the many new features and benefits of this Maytag® side-by-side refrigerator.

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Maytag Refrigeration Q&A - Advantage Live - Maytag Brand

Your colleagues ask questions . . . and get answers . . . in this informative segment! One of the Advantage Live program segments that your peers what to see, so check it out!

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Maytag Refrigeration "ONE-MINUTE SALES PITCH” - Advantage Live - Maytag Brand

When you only have a minute with a customer, here’s a suggestion on how to summarize the key selling points on the entire Maytag® Brand lineup of refrigerators.

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NEW WHIRLPOOL SALES ACADEMY APP! - Advantage Live - Maytag Brand

Watch a brief demonstration of the new e-resource guide for brand refrigerators . . . The Whirlpool Corporation Sales Academy App for Maytag brand refrigerators. What a great sales tool to use NOW on…

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MAYTAG® TOP-MOUNT UPGRADE OPTIONS - Advantage Live - Maytag Brand

Watch this clip to learn about several significant upgrades available in this retail-sheltered top-mount refrigerator model from Maytag®, including an optional ice maker!

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PowerCold™ Cools Fast! - Advantage Live - Maytag Brand

The PowerCold™ feature brings the temperature back down with the touch of a button after leaving the doors open. And it’s driven by variable capacity compressor technology that is covered…

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See why four-door refrigerators are the fastest-growing refrigeration segment. Learn the many features of the Maytag® four-door refrigerator and how it that extra counter-height drawer can make…

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These shelves are strong and durable for heavy and hot dishes . . . plus, you don’t want to miss a demo you can do on the sales floor and the LED under-shelf-mounted lights.

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This new world-class testing center, right here in Benton Harbor, Michigan, is unequalled in the appliance industry. Take a personal visit to see how Maytag® brand refrigerators are tested for…

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Why it's important to clean your refrigerator coils

This video will inform and teach why it's important to clean your refrigerator coils and the coil fan.

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PowerCold™ - Maytag Brand

The PowerCold™ feature quickly chills down the refrigerator to help keep everything cool with the touch of a button, even if the whole family's been browsing with the doors open.

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Signature Steel Shelves - Maytag Brand

The only freestanding refrigerator to offer solid steel shelves is made tough with premium style you can see and feel. Signature Maytag® steel shelves give the inside a bold look that's as…

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Refrigeration 10-Year Limited Parts Warranty - Maytag

Our 10-year limited parts warranty1 on the compressor covers the heart of the refrigerator, so you know you can count on it to keep all your food cold for years. (1) See warranty for details.

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Adjustable Temperature Refrigerated Drawer - Maytag Brand

An adjustable-temperature refrigerated drawer gives you a new storage option for keeping whatever you want right where you want it.

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