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Learning about Extra Power with Maytag® - Laundry Product Training

Join one of our Sr. Sales Trainers for a product walkthrough of the MHW8630HC and the MED8630HC — highlighting Extra Power, its capability to help fight tough stains, and extended Tumbling for…

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Why choose the Maytag® MVW7230HC with The Fixit Bros.

The Fixit Brothers are finishing their episode of a laundry room remodel, and discuss why they chose the Maytag® MVW7230HC and ME/GD7230HX instead of the competition.

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Commercial-grade Maytag® washer built for Dependability - MVWP576KW

This commercial-grade Maytag® washer brings rugged durability and high-grade performance to the home laundry room. Delivered straight from the commercial Maytag assembly line, this washer…

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Third Level Rack on select Maytag® Dishwashers

Get 30% more loading space with the 3rd Level Rack.* Remove and rotate the integrated Lift & Set Adjustable Tray for increased third-level space for small bowls or lids. *Compared to Maytag®…

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Extra Power Button - Maytag® Front Load Washers

The Extra Power button on select Maytag Front Load Washers boosts stain fighting performance on any wash cycle with a hot and cold wash.

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Extra Power Button - Maytag® Front Load Dryers

Press the Extra Power button, when you want to prevent under-drying mixed loads or simply want to help get thick fabrics, pockets, hems and seams drier the first time

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Frozen Pizza Storage - Maytag® Side by Side Refrigeration

Frozen pizza storage stores two frozen pizza boxes upright and out of the way, so quick meals are an easy grab. Fold down the adjustable side for extra shelf space when you need it.

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Soft Freeze Bin - Maytag® Side by Side Refrigerators

Keep ice cream soft enough to scoop with the soft freeze bin. The soft freeze bin is a specially designed zone that controls the way foods freeze, so foods like ice cream are soft enough to scoop.

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Testing the Maytag® 30 & 36-Inch Electric Cooktop with Reversible Grill and Griddle

Maytag engineers run many tests on the 36-Inch Electric Cooktop with Reversible Grill and Griddle to make sure you're food sizzles.

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Maytag® Refrigeration Metal Slide-Out Shelf

The signature Maytag® steel slide out shelf is made tough with a premium style you can see and feel, giving the inside a bold look that's as durable as it is distinct.

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Appliance Fix 8 Washing Machine Diagnostics

How and why you need to put any appliance into diagnostics first before you reach out for help.

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Out Of Balance Switch Removal

Out Of Balance Switch Removal Model Number: NTC3500FW

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Whirlpool Twist Tray Ice Maker

Visual operation of the twist tray ice maker

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Freezer Top Drawer

Freezer Top Drawer

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Built in refrigerator Service Pointer W10802724B

How to change the controler on a built in refrigerator.

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Washer Motor and Drive Assembly Removal

Washer Motor and Drive Assembly Removal

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