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Learning about the Whirlpool® WDT750SAK - Dish Product Training

Join one of our Sr. Sales Trainers for a product walk through of the WDT750SAK — highlighting the Third Level Rack, Adjustable Upper Rack, and Vent Dry.

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Whirlpool Low Profile MHC

Maximize space by moving your microwave off the countertop with a low profile design that fits in the same space as your undercabinet hood. Learn about this new cooking category from Whirlpool…

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Using Guided Cooktop Controls - Whirlpool Cooking

Control the heat without the guesswork. The knobless design uses up/down arrows to select the temperature you need, while heat level indicators show when you are simmering and melting.

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Swash System Training

Dewrinkle, refresh, restore, and preserve your clothes in just 10 minutes without ever leaving your home.

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Storage Challenge Feature & Benefit - Whirlpool Refrigeration

See what types and how many items this Whirlpool Refrigerator can hold with its diverse storage options.

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PowerDry System Feature & Benefit - Maytag Top Load Laundry

Learn about the benefits of the PowerDry system on Maytag Front Load Dryers, including its use of sensor strips and the 10 year limited parts waranty*. (1) Visit for warranty details.

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Advanced ProDry™ System Appliance Science - KitchenAid Dishwasher

Advanced ProDry System Delivers the best drying1 performance without rinseaid using a recessed heating element and a fan to draw moisture out of the wash tub giving you better drying results. Learn…

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Fresh Hold® Option Feature & Benefit - Maytag Front Load Laundry

The Fresh Hold® option helps keep clothes fresh for up to 12 hours. Learn more in this video.

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Black Stainless Appliances - KitchenAid Brand

The new premium color of the new line of KitchenAid appliances is a softer, warmer alternative to traditional stainless steel. Designed to blend with other black and stainless appliances, it makes a…

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EasySlide - Whirlpool Refrigeration

Keep snacks close at hand with the industry-exclusive EasySlide bin. This snack compartment makes accessing everyday items easy with greater flexibility and sliding glass lids.

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MHC AccuPOP cycle - Whirlpool Cooking

The AccuPop™ cycle automatically adapts cooking time using a sound sensor to help make the perfect popcorn, no matter what size bag you're popping.

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Coolvox French Door - Whirlpool Refrigeration

We made the kitchen pulse with energy by adding audio where it's never been before with the CoolVox™ kitchen sound system. Brought to you by Whirlpool brand, this innovative system…

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Microedge Glo Shelves - Whirlpool Refrigeration

You'll see just what you're looking for thanks to MicroEdge® Glo shelves that provide 50% more brightness under the shelf.

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MicroEdge - Whirlpool Refrigeration

Store more items on each shelf with this model's industry-first MicroEdge® spill control shelves. They not only give you 25% more usable shelf space3, they also help contain leaks.

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Capacity - Whirlpool Refrigeration

Meet all your food storage needs with flexible capacity that stores more.

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EZ Adjustable Tines - Whirlpool® Dishwasher

Industry-exclusive EZ Adjustable tines slide left to right to give you two times the space between tines to fit in deeper dishes, so even bigger bowls get clean.

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