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Demonstrating the Organizational Capabilities of Whirlpool® Dishwashers

Using props and utensils will help show your shoppers the organizational capabilities of Whirlpool® Dishwashers. Learn how to demonstrate the loading capabilities with one of our trainers.

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KitchenAid Brand Presents The Marks

Everything makers do in the kitchen leaves a meaningful mark. Whether making meals or memories, it all can be done with KitchenAid.

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Discover the Collection by KitchenAid®

When possibility is designed into every KitchenAid® appliance, you can leave your mark with everything you create.

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Designing the Sunset Bronze Finish for Whirlpool Brand

With a brushed, satin finish and rose gold undertones, fingerprint resistant sunset bronze brings a subtle warmth to any kitchen style. Learn more about this finishe from Whirlpool designer Jessica…

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Evolution of Design - Whirlpool 2017 Handle Design

Learn how designers came up with the new handle design on Whirlpool Brand products and how it integrates with previous designs.

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Walking Through the Features & Components - Advantage Live - Jenn-Air Brand

A video review showcasing the features and components of the Jenn-Air Obsidian Built-In-Refrigerator plus a hands on demonstration.

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Handle Strength - Maytag Cooking

To ensure safe transport of the range, 100 lbs of upward force tests the durability of the handle under normal and misuse conditions.

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Quick Tips: Lower Rack Loading

This video shows you how to properly load your bottom rack for optimal cleaning.

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Quick Tips: Dishwasher Loading

A quick video showing you how to keep your soiled dishes moist using a rinse cycle so you can wash them later.

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2 Part 2 How to Install Refrigerator Door Handles

How to Install Refrigerator Door Handles

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