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Introducing the WDT750SAK & WDTA50SAK from Whirlpool®

Load more and run less with a 3rd rack that makes extra rack space for hard-to-fit items.* You’ll have fewer leftover dishes in the sink with space for long utensils and measuring cups above,…

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Learning about the Whirlpool® WDT750SAK - Dish Product Training

Join one of our Sr. Sales Trainers for a product walk through of the WDT750SAK — highlighting the Third Level Rack, Adjustable Upper Rack, and Vent Dry.

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Introducing the WDTA80SAK from Whirlpool®

"Load more and run less with our largest capacity 3rd rack that fits mugs and bowls.* You’ll be able to fit all the dishes your family piles up with additional features below that adjust…

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How Vent Dry Works in Whirlpool® Dishwashers

Extra airflow circulates through clean dishes for optimal drying, so you can cut down on wiping off dishes before putting them away with Vent Dry.

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Demonstrating the Organizational Capabilities of Whirlpool® Dishwashers

Using props and utensils will help show your shoppers the organizational capabilities of Whirlpool® Dishwashers. Learn how to demonstrate the loading capabilities with one of our trainers.

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Sounds Heard With Induction Cooking

Covers the sounds heard during the induction cooking process.

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Troubleshooting: Moisture on Your Refrigerator Door gasket

This video covers some troubleshooting steps and tips in the even you find moisture on you refridgerator door gasket.

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Troubleshooting: Refrigeration Moisture

This video covers troubleshooting and some tips in the event you find a build up of moisture in your refrigerator.

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