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Winning Features on Whirlpool® Top-Mount Refrigerators

Show your shopper these winning features on various Whirlpool® top mount refrigerators.

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Introducing the WDTA80SAK from Whirlpool®

"Load more and run less with our largest capacity 3rd rack that fits mugs and bowls.* You’ll be able to fit all the dishes your family piles up with additional features below that adjust…

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Demonstrating the Organizational Capabilities of Whirlpool® Dishwashers

Using props and utensils will help show your shoppers the organizational capabilities of Whirlpool® Dishwashers. Learn how to demonstrate the loading capabilities with one of our trainers.

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Connected Features in Premium TL Laundry - Whirlpool® and Maytag® Laundry

The future of connected laundry is here today, with the new premium top load laundry line up.

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Commercial-Style Performance and SMART Capabilities With KitchenAid®

Empower your creativity with commercial-style ranges from KitchenAid®. Available in gas and dual-fuel options, these ranges offer great features and SMART capabilities for culinary enthusiasts.

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KitchenAid® Smart Oven + Powered Attachment Recipe Guide & Mobile App Connectivity

A mode on the oven's display that provides step-by-step cooking instructions. Onscreen menus offer a choice of three recipes for each attachment, giving cooks a hands-on tutorial to get started.…

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KitchenAid® Smart Oven + Product Overview

The first-ever collection of oven-powered grill, baking stone and steamer attachments designed to expand a cook's capabilities by working with the oven as an integrated system, in the tradition…

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Whirlpool® Smart Appliance App

Stay in control and care from anywhere when you connect your Whirlpool® Smart Appliances with the Whirlpool® App. Get real-time updates, preheat the oven for dinner, download the right cycle…

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