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Why choose the Maytag® MVW7230HC with The Fixit Bros.

The Fixit Brothers are finishing their episode of a laundry room remodel, and discuss why they chose the Maytag® MVW7230HC and ME/GD7230HX instead of the competition.

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How To Create A Maytag® App Account

Stay in control and connect to your Maytag ® Smart Appliances remotely with an account on the Maytag ® app, enabling you to send commands, track progress and access features from your…

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How To Connect A Maytag® Smart Front Load Washer/Dryer

Take advantage of smart features and stay in control from virtually anywhere by connecting your Smart appliances to your home network and to the Maytag® app on your smartphone or tablet. The…

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2018 Holiday Message from Dave Cichocki

Enjoy this special holiday message from Whirlpool Corporation Vice President of Sales Dave Cichocki. Have a great holiday season and good selling!

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Food Storage & Preservation - Feature Benefit - KitchenAid Counterdepth Refrigeration

Examining the various storage options for your food, and the ways in which your food will be preserved in the new KitchenAid Counter Depth Refrigerator.

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